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WAR IN THE GULF: Mobilising against the war on Iraq


S11 Demonstration in Wellington

On the 28th of September people around the world will be making their views known about the much hyped looming war on Iraq. (Daily air raids don't count as 'war' we're told).

Here in Aotearoa/NZ we know of actions in Napier and Wellington [2] and Auckland (who have a pdf poster).

There is also a petition "No NZ support for the 'war on terrorism'" being circulated by Peace Movement Aotearoa.

UK Indymedia have set up a section of their site dedicated to resisting the US's war mongering, and a wealth of information critical of US policy on Iraq is available from Znet.

So, get down to your local event or make one happen where you live - and then tell us how it went.

Reports from Actions

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| Dunedin

| Wellingtonphoto

| Auckland

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S11 Demonstration in Wellington