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FREE PRESS: Angry Students Occupy Union Building


Angry Waikato University students have occupied the Waikato Student Union Building. This follows the censorship and destruction of student owned magazine Nexus by non other than the Waikato Student Union Executive.

Early today the occupiers have had one of their phone lines cut and have been threatened with violence by an WSU Executive member.

The conflict between the WSU and Nexus arose after an article critical of an executive member was published in Nexus in March. The member was granted $10,000 of student money to sue Nexus for defamation. Several of the executive's friends and family members were part of the committee that granted him the money, despite admitting it was a conflict of interest for them to do so.

The latest issue of Nexus, which the WSU executive have confiscated before it could be distributed, contains an editorial and article critical of the WSU Executive. It is believed the issue has been burnt by the WSU, who have also threatened the magazine with liquidation.

The Waikato Students Union have stopped virtually all communication with their membership. Nexus publication has ceased, minutes of executive meetings have not been released, and there has not been an open student meeting in a month.

The occupiers are hoping to hold out until Wednesday, when a Open Student Meeting will be held.

Update: The occupation of the Waikato students union and Nexus magazine offices has ended in a victory for the occupiers. A halt to the action was called after negotiations with WSU, who have agreed to nearly everything on the list of demands.

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