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ANIMAL RIGHTS: Battery Hen Campaign Escalates


Animal liberation protestors in Dunedin

Animal liberation groups from across New Zealand have combined their
collective powers to form one of the biggest animal rights campaigns to hit
the country. Focusing on the impending review of welfare laws for egg laying
hens, the push is to ban the battery cage completely.

Most notable so far has been the huge variety of tactics used, from protests
and hen liberations to cinema advertising and submission collection.

6 battery hens were rescued this Easter, including one which was liberated
from the biggest battery hen company in New Zealand, Mainland Poultry.
Activists also documented conditions inside the sheds, finding sick,
overcrowded and severely de-feathered hens.

These liberations occurred during three days of intense protests in Dunedin.
These actions not only shut down Mainland Poultry's Dunedin office for a
day, but included a battery farm occupation and a "die-in' out side the main
shareholder's office.

Actions didn't stop there; call-in days, poster campaigns, and the dumping
of hay throughout Mainland Poultry's office have followed. The Animal
Liberation Delivery Service claimed the hay action, which also included
leaves and stink bombs, stating in a press release:

"Battery hens will never feel the sun, scratch the earth or even walk
around. They live in tiny dark sloping wire cages, four birds to each cage.
Their suffering is extreme and relentless - and we will be relentless too."

Ministers of Parliament have been taken on tours of battery farms and
battery hen footage has been broadcast on national television (courtesy of
activists who liberated 10 battery hens last Easter, and the SPCA, who
produced and paid for the broadcast).

Save Animals from Exploitation (SAFE) are currently demonstrating every week
at battery farms and running intense anti-battery farming advertising
Already 100,000 submissions against the battery cage have been collected, a
month before the submissions formally open.

There are 2.4 million battery hens in New Zealand, a farming practice banned
in Switzerland, Denmark, and being completely phased out in Germany.

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Animal liberation protestors in Dunedin